House of Wolves

Destiny’s latest expansion, House of Wolves, is the best yet.  Introducing two new game modes, Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris, Bungie has innovated gameplay by offering players new challenges.

© 2015 by sumitchauhandev

Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, added another 6 man raid to the existing Vault of Glass Raid.  But in House of Wolves, a 6 man raid was not added but a new 3 man round based strike called Prison of Elders.  Prison of Elders comes in 4 increasingly difficult modes, lvl 28, 32, 34, and the hardest 35.  PoE is great because its a new experience and challenge each week after the reset.  PoE consists of 5 rounds with 3 waves of enemies making up each round (except for level 35 which has a special 6th round boss).  Each week, PoE has a randomizer which mixes up the rounds with different enemy combinations, along with modifiers, and different bosses.  This creates a fresh experience each week and it may be easy for you one week and extremely difficult the next.

© 2015 by PlayStation.Blog

The other game mode added is Trials of Osiris.  ToO is a pvp game mode which pits teams of 3 against each other in an extremely competitive tournament.  Each week you can buy a scorecard which enables you access to the tournament.  You can keep playing until you lose 3 times or win 9 times.  Each game of 3v3 lasts until a team wins 5 rounds.  In each round, a team wins by killing all the players on the other team.  Revives are enabled so when you kill a player you want to surround their body and prevent the other team from reviving them.  Special rewards are given to those that win 9 games without a single loss; better rewards are given for each win you get.  This makes Trials extremely intense because you want to get as many wins as possible without losing.  Much of the game is luck and whether you get placed against a really good team or a bad one.  Last week my team was able to get 9 wins effortlessly without losing once but this week we only got 5 wins and lost 3 times after facing several difficult opponents.  We even got matched up against the same team twice in a row, and they smashed us which was pretty unfair.  Anyway, Trials is still a lot of fun and the most competitive game mode in Destiny.  Overall, this expansion is amazing so far and I can’t wait to continue playing trials and unlocking all of the new weapons and gear.


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