What are the Main Benefits of College?

With college slowly coming closer and closer, what are the main benefits of college?

College might be fun or might be horrible, but there is no doubt that College is the first step into adulthood. About 68 percent of high school graduates to to college. There is no doubt that college has its flaws, but the pros outweigh the cons. With college there are many things that you gain, but what are the most important things that you gain. This answer is different for everyone and there is no “right answer”. To me, college is all about the transitional phase between being a teenager and being an adult.  The second reason is to teach you about the job that you’ll be working for almost the rest of your life. The third a final reason is that college is just how much fun it will be

When most teenage boys think about college think about college, they think about freedom from their parents and massive parties. This is portrayed in Blue Mountain State which is a T.V show that portrays how the “perfect” college life is. The main character Alex is a star football player who doesn’t need to study and has other people do his homework for him. They throw parties every day almost and have crazy adventures. Although this seems like the perfect college life, there is so much more to college. If you go to a school far away, you must leave your home and leave your parents your friends and you old lifestyle. When you dorm at college, you don’t have your mom to cook for you or your dad to fill up gas for you. You become completely independent and this really shows how it is to be an adult. When you are an adult, you have nobody to call for help, you must support yourself.

Once you get into to College and are used the the separation between you and your family, the hard part finally begins which is to keep your grades up and study hard. Why must you do all this studying you ask, it’s to ensure that you are prepared for job. You will use this job to support yourself and help you become successful when you grow up. This to me is the most important part of college, to make money so that you can support yourself. If you think about it, you can’t like with your parents forever, so this is the only way you will be able to sustain yourself.

Since I’m the typical teenage boy, and from all the influence that is in the media, I am looking forward to the parties the freedom of not having my parents around. Freedom is in my opinion is one of the best things to ever have. The feeling of knowing that you are free and can do whatever you want and whenever you want is truly a gift. College is like christmas every day, you receive the gift of freedom everyday. Although “College means different things to each person, but the one thing it means for most people is more freedom. You will be responsible for going to class, navigating around campus, and finding help where you need it.” (Bezbatchenko) With that freedom comes great responsibility so in some ways it is a burden, but most people don’t think about that, they think about doing whatever they want whenever they want. College is in a lot of my friends opinion is going to be really fun. Tuan Ngo a recent college graduate and friend of mine describes college as “ a rollercoaster of a ride where you get to experience life and enjoy your life.” College you have freedom and time. If you’re not studying, you can go out and enjoy what life is really about.


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