What We See


Photo ©2008 by Olga Berrios [CC by 2.0]

Our minds itself are an enigma, what goes on in our minds even more so. Of the thousands of things our minds are capable, nothing is more confusing than the feelings that we go through.  There are times when even we, ourselves, can’t know exactly how we feel, how can we expect others to know or understand either? The only way anyone can ever hope to scratch the surface of the enigma inside us is with the power of language, the words that we use to draw a picture of our thoughts give other people an idea of the puzzle inside us. Only then can we answer the question of whether the words we use to describe ourselves really how we seem to others.

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The Powers That May Creep


Many a game developer has run into the terrifying dilemma of “Power Creep” in their video game production. Power Creeping is a process that takes place over the life of a game which can, eventually, destroy all interest for it. And what is this horrible, scary process, you ask? Power Creeping can happen either in the plot of a game, or its mechanics. Story writers who fall victim to power creeping take the quests or storylines on grander and grander scales, such as at first having the player save a person, then a town, then a country, and eventually the entire world, or it could creep even farther out of control. Such writers often just ran out of fresher, more creative ideas, and so decided upping the ante was the way to take the game’s plot.

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How much is too much?


There are many kinds of addictions in the world, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, drug addiction, but one that affects a significant in the world today is video game addiction. Video games are created with the intent to draw a player in and keep the player interested as long as possible, some games do this way too well. Many know the feeling of buying a new game and not being able to let it go resulting in non-stop playtime in the double digits. So how much playing is too much?

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Developers and the Community


As many developers have learned, gaming communities have complainers, lots of them. These people criticize everything from the graphics, the plot line, the lore to why isn’t there a strong female lead or that the male lead should have liked this other person. Depending on the developer, he/she may or may not listen to these cries of outrage; however developers soon learn that the cries will never end.

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Are Games Worth Their Price Tag


Its hard to balance money and pleasure as pleasure always seems to empty our wallets. With games these days, many reputable series with established fan bases such as Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and Grand Theft Auto sell games at a whopping price of $60. Sixty dollars is two whole trips of all you can eat Korean BBQ, half the cost of a decent SSD, 7.5 hours of a minimum wage job. For teens who often do not have a job, $60 is a very significant amount of money. The money spent on games really adds in the long run to a tremendous amount of money.

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